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My latest book, Royalty Inc.: Britain's Best-Known Brand, was published on 3 September 2015. It is partly the outcome of my twelve years as the Guardian's royal correspondent, 2000-2012, but it contains much new information and the outcome of interviews with many current and former palace officials and members of staff.

The book is about how the institution has evolved to maintain its popularity at a time when many other bodies have seen marked declines in esteem and popularity.

Robert Lacey, the distinguished royal historian said the book is 'Totally engrossing, winningly affectionate. What a wise and cheeky way to explore the secrets of our gracious Queen.'

Sarah Bradford wrote in the Literary Review, February 2016: ‘Stephen Bates tells it like it is, covering every aspect with rare humour and intelligence. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.’ 

Sarah Bradford is a distinguished and well-known biographer and royal historian. I was so pleased that she recommends the book and was thrilled to receive her review. You can read Sarah's review in this PDF

The Queen's 90th birthday in April has witnessed worldwide interest in the book: interviews for Queensland and Ottawa radio stations and references in the The New York Times, Nouvel Observateur, Les Echos and Folha de S.Paulo.

At home in the UK, I've written on the subject for both The Guardian and The Telegraph and will be appearing in BBC History Magazine's June special on the Queen.

Readers in the United States can buy a copy here

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Sarah Bradford's Review
Sarah Bradford's Review

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'I couldn’t recommend it more highly' Sarah Bradford